Dear ones!

This time the Tanzhausfest will be something very special because we will meet online from 13-15 May. We want to attend workshops together, dance, chat, cook and relax. Even if we can't dance together, we at least want to see each other again. That's why we've been working for weeks on a programme that will be a lot of fun! How is that going to work, you ask? All workshops and sessions will be run via Zoom (also works in the browser without registration). You will always get the links on the previous day. Socialising, playing and laughing will take place at Gathertown (also works without logging in via your browser). If you buy a day ticket, you will have access to all events on the day. However, please indicate what you are interested in when you register, so that you can, for example, get your sheet music for music workshops in advance (should we have received some in advance).

The presale is starting now.

Best regards
Lena from Tanzhaus*Folk e. V.

What we should not forget to mention: The Tanzhausfest is generously sponsored by the city of Leipzig. Many thanks to our Little Paris.

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